Being an end-user thinking

The management-oriented mindset demanded by clients and the user-oriented mindset and orientation demanded by them (end users) are not necessarily the same.We believe that a "system that can be used for a long time and conveniently" should prioritize usability and UI/UX that emphasizes customer needs and ease of use.To this end, we believe it is essential to utilize customer feedback to improve and train employees even after the system is released.

High-level PM/PL and human resources

When each client develops a different system, the PM (Project Manager) is responsible for launching a project consisting of internal resources, organizing requirements, defining requirements, and adjusting schedules with clients, coordinating internal teams, and managing instructions at the heart of the project.In addition, in order to ensure the success of a project, it is essential that we have a PL (Project Leader) as an outstanding development leader.
CiPS delivers high-quality systems and services to customers through its PM/PL of advanced technologies, communications capabilities, and human resources.


Drupal's strongest framework beyond CMS

By using Drupal as a framework for system construction, we provide clients and end-users with many high-quality products that reduce delivery times and costs.
The reasons for using Drupal as a framework are as follows:

(1) Reliable major framework used by large sites around the world

  • Drupal is ranked in TOP3 for global commodity CMS shares
  • It is evaluated as the best design for the most large-scale sites among them.(numerous achievements in NASA and MITs, etc.)
  • It is an "open source" system that has more than 20 years of history, and is being improved every day by developers around the world.(e.g., 2000 developers are always involved in improving the system core)
  • Free license fee

(2) Robust security

It has a robust foundation with three-tier access control functions, such as content units and user units, from the design stage, and a dedicated security team in Drupal's open source community that provides an environment for quickly responding to and resolving issues from around the world.

(3) Achieving both speed, scalability, stability, and scalability

  • Compatible with high-priced specialized CMS, such as user management and multi-lingual content, and with the addition of more than 40,000 extensions, the company, educational institution, government agency, portal, etc.
    It allows you to build sites of all types, including e-commerce.
  • Compared to other CMSs, the site is rated for a high degree of scalability that does not overlap with the growth of the page.
  • It features excellent multilingualization and supports more than 100 languages, allowing you to easily edit pages in multiple languages.


Realizes a high-end paperless system

Our system is completely paperless by using the latest technologies such as electronic signature technology that can prove the signature of the person, PDF technology, automatic image-to-text conversion technology, and AI technology.

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