CiPS are free to work at all times.Place where you are now at work!

CiPS has been practicing it before the words "telework" and "nomad worker" were born.
Staff involved in shipping are very inefficient to spend time on commuting because they share their jobs on a project-by-project basis, and about 80% of them are devoted to requirement design, programming, and manual jobs.We encourage "free working styles" that do not restrict time or place for CiPS Corporation by improving individual skills, communication abilities, self-management abilities, relationships of trust between staff, and the development of Internet meetings, process management tools, etc.
CiPS is a company that does not restrict work places.

It is "mottainai" to fill in your high skills due to family circumstances, etc.
Please lend your "power" to the CiPS.


With high ambition and technical skills, we will provide IT solutions that give top priority to customer satisfaction and grow into a company with high social value

We will continue to create an environment that fosters human resources and pursue technologies and services that are one step ahead of the demands of the market.It must also be an IT solution that is easy to use and satisfying for the end users who use it.No matter how innovative it is, unless it is a product that is accepted by all users, its value will be halved and its continuous business with good clients will not be viable.The IT solutions provided by CiPS Corporation must combine user experience, convenience, stability, functionality, reliability, and design.I am confident that we can contribute to the advancement and development of society by achieving these goals one by one.


CiPS Corporation is a solutions company that designs systems, marking its 31st anniversary this year.With the spread of the Internet, we have been developing Internet-related businesses for the first time since the 1990s. Currently, we are focusing on the business system development business, the Web service business, and the digital signage business.


Since our founding, we have felt that conventional design companies lacked development capabilities, and general system development companies lacked design skills.Of course, it's not an apparent design.With both design (UI/UX design) and functionality at the ultimate, We believe that the value of our existence lies in the creation of high-value-added products and thereby contributing to society.


  1. We recognize that ensuring that our customers can use our IT solutions with peace of mind and comfort leads to the trust of our customers, and we will strive to improve our human resources, technological capabilities, and quality in order to provide top-class technologies and services in Japan
  2. To foster human resources with a view to long-term growth, we will create an environment where employees can grow and work for a long time
  3. Achieving profitability and a financial base capable of absorbing economic fluctuations and event risks

In the CiPS, we are looking for a colleague who supports our thoughts and activities.
First, please let us hear your voice from the contact.
At any time, the shipping staff will provide answers and interviews to your questions.

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