Integrated healthcare system

Develop and guide systems that integrate reservation systems, electronic medical records, and sales management at medical bases nationwide.


redit application and card payment systems

To develop, introduce, and maintain integrated systems for loan and cash advances, simulations, linking credit information, linking comprehensive installment payment systems, automatic screening, and electronic verification

Finance Medical Beauty Service

Revenue Apartment Evaluation System

Development, introduction, and maintenance of a system for detailed real estate assessments of income apartments and condominiums nationwide

Real estate Finance

Exchange Student Certification & Application System

National universities develop, introduce and maintain systems for applications for study abroad from those who wish to study abroad worldwide


Teacher Portal System

Development, implementation, and maintenance categories of portal systems used by university faculty staff both within and outside the university


Core business system for sports facilities

IT consulting, development, introduction, and maintenance of companywide mission-critical operational systems such as fitness clubs, tennis facilities membership management, sales management (POS), and accounting systems


Real estate portal services

IT consulting, development, customization, deployment, and maintenance of B2B's relocated home web service, which links major corporations with real estate-related corporations nationwide

Real Estate Companies

Global Automotive Management System

Development and introduction of big data system for information management on automobiles worldwide

Automotive Manufacturing

Development of digital signage

Developed and provided large-scale touch-screen information systems for prefectural governments, ward offices, municipal offices, and commercial complexes.


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